Multiple Drupal Sites on One GoDaddy Economy Hosting Account

Have you ever been lured by cheapness of GoDaddy Economy Hosting to host your Drupal websites? Did you then find out that they allow multiple domains but all of these domains need to point to one website, i.e one code base in the root folder? I have. But here's a neat little trick to have a different code base for each site.

Deploying clckwrks In a Shared Hosting Environment: Preparation (Tested on Bluehost)

This post is the first in a series that will chronicle my efforts to get involved in the development of the clckwrks Haskell web development framework. It will describe how to get the development environment set up on a Bluehost shared hosting server. After doing this, the getting started guide on can be followed to get clckwrks going.

jQuery Event Handling: Preventing Double Bindings

This post will show you how to deal with situations where event handlers are bound to elements more than once, causing multiple reactions when an event is triggered.

Two solutions will be covered:

  1. Using unbind() to clear previous bindings.
  2. Adding a class to the element after the first binding.

Consider the following snippet that binds a click event to a span tag. Depending on the placement of this snippet, two or more alerts may be spawned.

$("span").click(function () {

Quick and Smart Drupal Module Configuration

As a Drupal module developer, you may have spent some time coding mundane submit handlers for configuration forms. That can end after you read this post. There is a saviour out there. A saviour waiting to rescue you from the depths of coding boredom, waiting to take you to that place we all love and enjoy: PHP heaven!. That saviour comes in the form of the system_settings_form() function.

Caution - Man at Work

This is just to let everyone know that there is serious, and potentially dangerous (jus' kidding), programming taking place beyond what you can see on the site. If anyone may notice a few oddities, please, do not be alarmed.

Again, you can summon an asteroid-shooting alien triangle to destroy my site by entering the konami code ;)

The Beginning

There is no better way to start things rolling than with the good ol' "hello, world":

  echo "Hello, world!";

Here is a list of things you can expect from this site:

  1. Abstracts/Overviews of any research projects that I am involved in.
  2. Tutorials on various topics that I come across while reading.
  3. Interesting code snippets that I encounter during work and play.

All being said, I hope to see you back here soon. And here is a tip - enter the konami code on any page and have fun destroying my site ;).